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Resolution on Member Access to American Library Association Council Session Recordings



Whereas, members of the American Library Association have expressed the need to understand more fully decisions made by the ALA Council, and


Whereas, not all members of the American Library Association can attend the Annual and Midwinter Conferences, and


Whereas, not all conference attendees at American Library Association Conferences and Meetings can attend the ALA Council sessions, and


Whereas audio recordings of formal discussions and considrations will furnish information the minutes and voting records don't currently show, such as what people say about pending business, and


Whereas, posting podcasts or audio files to the web is not any particular technological challenge



Therefore, be it resolved that the ALA Web Advisory Committee requests ALA staff explore the costs to the Association for recording Council sessions and making these recordings available to members and if financially feasible implement this for the ALA Midwinter Meeting in 2009, and


Be it further resolved the ALA Web Advisory Committee requests ALA staff investigate the possible substitution of other mechanisms, such as streaming audio, live webcasts, and other appropriate technologies, for making the activities of Council readily available/accessible to the membership, and


Be it further resolved that this effort be monitored by ALA staff with regards to web hits/traffic, and request user input, to use in gauging interest, and to help guide future efforts in making the business of the Association more visible to the membership.



Based on the discussions regarding the Council Transcript Resolution, please share your feedback about this updated proposal for making Council Sessoins more available/accessible to members.

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Anonymous said

at 4:28 pm on Jun 10, 2008

btw folks, feel free to modify the text of the resolution (above the horizontal rule line) as well as post comments on the resolution either here in the comments or below the horizontal rule line. Thanks for the quick activity on this!

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