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External Resources


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Why online conferences win Jason at Pattern Recognition

A meeting is a meeting except when it's not kgs at FRL

Redefining notion of work kgs at FRL

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Virtual participation in ALA Fiona at Blisspix


---Links below were added before November 2007--- 

The ALA Conference Meeting Life Cycle kgs at FRL

ALA Annual 2007 Reflections or Where is my next meeting? Jane at Wanderingeyre 

Canadian Library Association Moves Open Access Heather at Imaginary Journal of Poetic Economics

What Being a Very Important Person is Like: Serving on ALA Council Amy on Information Literacy Librarian

If It's Broken LazyGal found Via ALA Direct Conference Edition

RE: ALA Council Transcripts Tweet GinaMLS on Twitter

ALA Council Farewell Rochelle at Tin Foil & Raccoon

Improving the American Library Association Aaron at Aaron the Librarian

Collaborating, Hearing Voices, and Participating from afar Jane at Wanderingeyre

ALA What is to be done? kgs at FRL

ALA Financials via anonymous comment on Platform

Conference Site Q&A How are conference sites chosen for ALA?  Document from ALA website.






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